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Dmitry Shevtsov

CEO of Vladivostok Film Studio LLC Dear friends and colleagues! In 2020, I decided to create a film production company that would not only organize filming of Russian and foreign projects in Vladivostok and Primorye, but also produce films under its own brand. We focus on cooperation with Asian countries, primarily South Korea, Japan and China.

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Production service

We organize filming on the territory of Vladivostok and the Primorsky Region. We offer a full range of services of organizing the filming process in the region: location scouting, coordinating filming, casting, selecting a film crew, transport, renting equipment, organizing accommodation and meals. Discounts up to 50% from partner companies!

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The Vladivostok Film Studio has begun to create its own film projects. The plans include the creation of short and auteur films, as well as the creation of a film almanac with the involvement of foreign directors who have already shot their films in Primorye; creation of co-production projects with Russian film companies and international co-production with Asian countries.

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The Vladivostok Film Studio is a film production and film services company in the Far East of Russia.
We have unique experience of cooperating with Asian companies and participating in international film forums and film markets. Our team worked on most of the film projects (over 30), which were filmed in the Primorsky Region, and also organized filming in other regions of Russia (Khabarovsk Region, Sakhalin Region, Irkutsk Region, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Moscow etc.).


Create stories that inspire people around the world
The revival of film production in the Russian Far East and the creation of high-quality content aimed at promoting the region, as well as the creation of a unique set for filming Russian and foreign film projects. Attracting investment to the region. Creation of co-production film projects with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

Studio projects

Studio films and projects in the progress.


We are open for cooperation and are always ready to implement the most incredible projects.